Everything, but notordinary: future trends, specific legal issues, complex contract arrangements. Unusual or multifaceted legal cases, new perspectives outside legal thought patterns. Always with the goal: Concentration on the essentials as well as their effective and practicable implementation.

Interface medicine, law and information technology

Andreas Staufer is a specialist in medical law and a specialist lawyer for the law of information technologies. A rare combination of specialist lawyers: The lawyer’s information office currently lists only two specialist lawyers throughout Germany. Dr. Staufer is a full equity partner of the interdisciplinary law firm FASP Finck Sigl & Partner in Munich.

His clients include unique entrepreneurs and founders in the digital economy, but also innovative municipalities and municipal investment companies as well as strong service partners in the health care sector, public safety and Security.

Innovation and law

Lawyer Dr. Staufer has certified experience in the innovative fields of medical information technology. Focus: Communication and digitization with a specialization in medical data protection. His interests include new technologies including remote treatment, digital/eHealth and telemedicine,health apps, 3D printing /rapid manufacturing as well as artificial intelligence and legaltech. The focus is on questions of approval and contract design.

International and agile

Information and new technologies do not stop at borders. New patterns of thought also call for the law. As a lawyer, Andreas Staufer advises his clients on operational and medical business models during the project. In addition to special health law-specific issues, topics include, of course, contract design as well as authorization and approval procedures, including medical approval.

Law in the ambulance service

Rather by chance, lawyer Andreas Staufer has a real specialization in emergency service law. He is still involved in the Munich emergency rescue. His curiosity for medicine was already placed in the cradle of the son of two doctors.

Publications and lectures

Since 2015, Andreas Staufer has been a lecturer at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. He is also a lecturer for universities, associations and companies. He regularly writes articles in various publications, online and in specialist journals.


He likes to fly and travel, photographed and is an ambitious sailor.

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Dr. Staufer will be back in the office from 2.09.2019.
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