My dad is a lawyer! Then he's never at home, he's always in the office and doesn't come home until you're asleep? Bullshit. Also lawyers can be there for their children. This includes some education – the partner, the client, the courts … but it works. And that even surprisingly well.

11 11.05.2020

Sale of a medical practice: finding a medical successor

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Where do physicians who aspire to further training as specialists come from? A statistic of the Hessian Medical Association provides information. The results can be transferred nationwide. Well over half of the trainees were female. A good third of the doctors in further training did not come from Germany. Important findings for the search for a successor in the sale of a practice. Currently 6,331 doctors are in further training, the majority of them were female (58 %). The majority of [...]

1 01.03.2020

What to consider when buying your own medical practice

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In the German Medical Journal (Deutsches Ärzteblatt 2020; 117(6): [2]) I deal with the question what to consider when buying a doctor's practice. It is not easy for a physician to start his own practice. There are not only numerous formal hurdles to overcome. As future entrepreneurs, doctors should also deal with financial figures and issues such as personnel and rent. Not to mention the question of where the patients come from. You usually don't learn this in your studies - [...]

7 07.11.2019

costs of a rescue helicopter

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Do missions with a rescue helicopter have to be paid for? It is said to have happened in Ebensee in the Höllengebirge in the Salzkammergut (Austria): two German mountaineers asked for information from the mountain rescue team during their descent in the Alps and were sent a helicopter. But they didn't want to get in. Who is responsible and pays the costs for such missions? Helicopter rescue rejected According to press reports, the mountaineers dialed the emergency number to ask for [...]

15 15.10.2019

approval procedure for dentists in germany

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How long can a dental approval procedure for foreign dentists take? This is where opinions differ. The approval procedure in Germany should not last longer than four months. That's what the law wants. However, the period only begins with the date on which all documents are available to the authorities. Does this also include the expert opinion as part of the equivalence test? Equivalence assessment - Regierung von Oberbayern According to the Government of Upper Bavaria, the deadline does not begin [...]

1 01.10.2017

Statistics about approbation of foreign doctors in germany

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Statistics from the German Medical Association as of the 2016 cut-off date provide information on the countries of origin of foreign doctors in Germany, their fields of activity and the changes compared to the previous year. Most European doctors in Germany come from Romania. The largest increase in the number of foreign doctors came from Syria. According to statistics from the German Medical Association, the majority of physicians (4,285 physicians) stated Romania as their country of origin on 31 December 2016, [...]

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