1 01.03.2020

What to consider when buying your own medical practice

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In the German Medical Journal (Deutsches Ärzteblatt 2020; 117(6): [2]) I deal with the question what to consider when buying a doctor's practice. It is not easy for a physician to start his own practice. There are not only numerous formal [...]

1 01.02.2020

Approbation after medical school in poland

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Medical studies in Poland can be completed in German, English and Polish. German medical students use this for their medical degree in Poland. But will you then also receive your license to practice medicine in Germany? That is currently controversial. Because [...]

18 18.10.2019

certified lawyer for data protection law

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The legal profession is currently discussing a certified lawyer for data protection law. Does it need that, if there is nevertheless a certified lawyer for information technology right? Not in my opinion: Data protection is included with [...]

15 15.10.2019

approval procedure for dentists in germany

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How long can a dental approval procedure for foreign dentists take? This is where opinions differ. The approval procedure in Germany should not last longer than four months. That's what the law wants. However, the period only begins with the date [...]

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