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Manufacturers of medical devices must observe numerous regulations when advertising their products. The seminar addresses medical device manufacturers, especially their marketing departments.

Content of the seminar

  • Purpose of the law on the advertising of medicinal products
  • Scope of the HWG
  • Applicability to medicinal products, medical devices, other agents, processes, treatments and articles
  • Sales promotion
  • Differentiation from image advertising
  • Public and professional advertising
  • Purpose and product liability
  • Art. 7 Regulation (EU) 2017/745
  • Misleading advertising
  • Advertising with expert opinions
  • Advertising gifts
  • Advertising outside the professional circles
  • Advertising by foreign companies
  • Special case „Internet“

Rules discussed

  • Drug Advertising Act (HWG)
  • Medical Devices Act (MPG)
  • Law against unfair competition (UWG)
  • Professional law of the medical professions
  • Interstate Broadcasting Treaty

About the event

Inhouse webinar for a limited group of people
Medical device manufacturer

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