Entrepreneurs or managers of a company in the field of patient transport and emergency rescue in Germany must have the necessary professional qualifications. This usually extends to commercial and medical management. But not everyone has this professional qualification in the rescue service.

Preparation for the professional qualification

Prerequisites for professional qualification and any examinations are determined by the rescue service laws of the federal states. If you have problems with the technical suitability in the rescue service, please contact us. We have been advising companies nationwide for years on all legal issues relating to rescue services.

In addition, we prepare owners and managers for the professional qualification examination for emergency rescue and the professional qualification examination for patient transport. It serves as proof of the professional qualification to manage companies that operate emergency rescue, doctor-assisted patient transport or patient transport.

Expertise from a lawyer

In our preparation courses we inform you individually or in a group about specific rescue service law points of the professional qualification examination. The contents of the courses optionally include

Professional law in the fields of

  • Rescue service: patient transport and emergency rescue
  • road traffic law, including driving and rest periods in emergency services
  • Law on the carriage of passengers
  • Labour and social law, including working hours in the emergency services,
  • Workplace regulations, traffic safety and accident prevention regulations
  • Reimbursement of costs and framework contracts according to § 133 para. 1 SGB V
  • Pharmaceutical law and narcotics law
  • Infection Protection Law
  • Medical Device Law
  • Tax law in the rescue service
  • Cross-border emergency services

Commercial and financial management of the company

  • Payment transactions
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Accounting
  • Insurance industry

Operation and operational implementation

  • Registration and operation of vehicles
  • Equipment and condition of the vehicles
  • Operating obligation
  • Telephone and radio communication
  • Telecommunications law / BOS
  • Protection against infection law and hygiene regulations
  • Generally accepted standards for rescue service vehicles
  • Regulation on the operation of road passenger transport companies (BOkraft)

Supplementary offers (external providers)

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Personnel management
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Dr. Andreas StauferLawyer
Specialist attorney for medical law and specialist attorney for IT law. Focal points are new technologies, digitalisation and data protection as well as law in the emergency services.

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