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7 07.11.2019

costs of a rescue helicopter

Von |2019-11-07T13:45:30+01:0007/11/2019|Englische Fassung, My dad is a lawyer, pharmacy law, Rescue service law|0 Kommentare

Do missions with a rescue helicopter have to be paid for? It is said to have happened in Ebensee in the Höllengebirge in the Salzkammergut (Austria): two German mountaineers asked for information from the mountain rescue team during their descent in [...]

28 28.08.2019

Emergency care reform law

Von |2019-08-28T17:26:08+02:0028/08/2019|Englische Fassung|0 Kommentare

A discussion draft of the Federal Ministry of Health for the amendment of the emergency care plans drastic changes in the medical emergency care. The draft contains some explosive power for a legislative project. After all, it wants to radically change medical care in the preclinical area of emergency rescue. I have taken a closer look at the draft.

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