Rescue service law

9 09.05.2021

Bayern: Bereichsausnahme im BayRDG – Gesetzentwurf

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Die Bereichsausnahme im Rettungsdienst in Bayern: Der Problemaufriss im Entwurf ist nicht hinreichend konkretisiert, die Begründung schwammig.

10 10.07.2020

Hamburg: public procurement law in the ambulance service

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The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg had to decide on 16.04.2020 on the question of the area exemption in the rescue service. According to the opinion of the Public Procurement Senate at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court, this can be applied in Hamburg - but does not have to.

7 07.11.2019

costs of a rescue helicopter

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Do missions with a rescue helicopter have to be paid for? It is said to have happened in Ebensee in the Höllengebirge in the Salzkammergut (Austria): two German mountaineers asked for information from the mountain rescue team during their descent in the Alps and were sent a helicopter. But they didn't want to get in. Who is responsible and pays the costs for such missions? Helicopter rescue rejected According to press reports, the mountaineers dialed the emergency number to ask for [...]

7 07.09.2019

Rescue service: Determining the location of an emergency call

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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) specifies the obligations to determine the location of emergency calls. Unfortunately, the background to the decision was a tragic event. A young woman died although she made several emergency calls from a trunk. The control centre was unable to determine the woman's location.

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